Be the first to experience the new gold standard. Primary Arms Optics is excited to open pre-orders for our much-anticipated Gold Series™ (GLx™) Rifle Scopes. From re-imagined turrets to the crystal-clear glass, these rifle scopes outperform the competition without breaking your budget. It all starts with GLx4: Gold Series rifle scopes featuring a 4x magnification ratio. Intelligently engineered with years of research, GLx4 scopes will change everything you know about mid-priced optics, and you can reserve your scope for day one shipping by pre-ordering today.

Tailored for mid to long range shooting, the first GLx4 rifle scopes will be available in 3 magnification options: 2.5-10x44mm4-16x50mm, and  6-24x50mm. Every scope features a rugged 30mm body tube, machined from 6061 and 7075 aluminum. Hardened steel components improve the durability and service life of your turrets and scope controls, while the waterproofed body prevents corrosion. Despite all these reinforcements, GLx4 scopes are all under 25oz with battery, making them perfect for extended carry.

The turrets are a major focus in the Gold Series, as we’ve rebuilt the adjustment ring and zero systems with innovative new hardware. The first thing you’ll notice when turning Gold Series turrets is the consistency between each click. Traditionally, scope turrets use brass adjustment rings, which deteriorate over time. With the Gold Series, we machined ouradjustment rings from solid steel, offering precision that will never fade. In addition, Gold Series turrets come equipped with ZLock™, our patent-pending button lock that empowers shooters to maneuver at full speed without the worry of accidental turret adjustments. ZLock comes improved with ZStop™, our latest return-to-zero system, eliminating overtravel under pressure.

The moment you look through a GLx rifle scope, you’re met with incredible edge-to-edge clarity with minimal housing to obstruct your peripheral vision. The impeccable glass quality pairs with the Gold Series’ first focal plane design, so you can still identify and range your targets in adverse conditions. Large, forgiving eyeboxes improve sight picture during dynamic or irregular shooting positions, while daylight-bright and IR-compatible illumination settings keep your reticle clear in any environment. Turning the magnification ring is even easier with our adjustment fin, which provides tactile feedback for magnification changes without taking your eye off the target.

Gold Series rifle scopes use many of our most popular reticles, so you can tailor your optic to your desired application. At launch, each of the GLx4 scopes will come in two reticle options. On the 2.5-10x44mm scope, shooters can choose between the ACSS® Griffin™ MIL and ACSS® HUD™ DMR 5.56 reticles. Moving up to the 4-16x50mm scope, both the ACSS® HUD DMR 308 and R-GRID® 2B reticles provide excellent adaptability across ranges. Finally, for the long-range 6-24x50mm scope, shooters have access to both the ATHENA™ BPR MIL and ACSS® HUD DMR 308 reticles, so you can choose between a refined MIL Grid or our trusted BDC system.

The Primary Arms Gold Series is the latest in our company’s commitment to our customers. We built ourselves around the goal of making the best optics possible for the price, and the GLx line is a crowning achievement. We know that you’ll be blown away by their quality and rich feature set, even before seeing the price. Primary Arms Gold Series rifle scopes come priced at $749.99 to $899.99 USD, making GLx the premier optics line under $1000. With the first six GLx scopes coming in Q3, your pre-order guarantees your place at the front of the line, so you can rest assured that your favorite scope configuration will be headed to you on release day.