Message From Our CEO, Marshall

Welcome to Primary Arms Optics for 2019.

Now in our second decade of business, our focus remains unchanged: the best value, a commitment to innovation, and an unmatched dedication to customer service. We never lose sight of the end-user.

Our commitment to innovation in 2019 is evident in our patented ACSS reticle technology with new caliber-specific reticles for the popular calibers shooters love. New ACSS MIL and MOA reticle offerings give shooters the most flexibility ever offered in our ACSS lineup without sacrificing any of the advanced features that ACSS is known for.

The innovation continues in a big way with this year’s introduction of the GLx Series of scopes. They are a breakthrough in technology, bringing a new level of sophistication to our optics lineup. All the new scopes in the GLx series feature our exclusive, patent pending turret design. These new turrets are constructed entirely from aluminum and steel. No brass internals. This means adjustment clicks will never wear down, remaining crisp and clear through a lifetime of use. Our all-new locking turrets and return to zero systems are intuitive and advanced features, usually only found on optics that cost far more. Our all-new tier system for Primary Arms Optics makes it easy to identify the product category that fits the customer’s needs.

The PLx Series line features our high-end optics that go toe-to-toe with the best on the market.

The GLx Series line is all new and brings quality and innovation unheard of in this mid-tier price point.

The SLx Series line is comprised of the Primary Arms scopes and red dots that we have always been know for. Combining outstanding performance with affordable accessibility for anyone.

The Classic Series line is perfect for classic shooting solutions, as well as for young or first-time shooters.

We’re excited because we believe in what we make. We are a team of shooters, hunters, competitors, and firearms enthusiasts just like the folks who buy our scopes. We know that these new products for 2019 are going to bring more value, more innovation, and more fun to our customers, and we’ll be there to serve them with excellence at every step. It’s why we do what we do.

And now, in 2019, we’re more equipped than ever to do it. Our new, state-of-art facility in Houston, Texas has given us room to grow – nearly 50,000 square feet of it – and that’s what we intend to do. We hope you’ll be a part of that with us.

Thank you,

Marshall Lerner, CEO