• Two Primary Arms Optics Products Granted Approval for Duty-Use by Pasadena Police
  • The SLx™ Compact 1×20 Prism Provides Close-Quarters Precision with ACSS Cyclops Reticle
  • The SLx Advanced Push Button Microdot Offers a Lightweight Red Dot Sight with Rugged Body
  • Both Optics were Field Tested and Highly Rated by the NTOA Earlier in 2019

HOUSTON, TEXAS – The City of Pasadena Police Department has approved two Primary Arms Optics for duty-use. This approval comes shortly after a similar approval letter from Missouri City Police Department, which issued Primary Arms Optics’ SLx 3x Prism on duty carbines. For Pasadena police, both the SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope and SLx Advanced Push Button Microdot are designed for superior performance in the close-quarters environments commonly faced by law enforcement. With months of field-testing of the NTOA certifying their effectiveness, these two optics ensure a quick sight picture with proven reliability.

For Pasadena Officers looking to equip their rifles, these two optics will provide similar benefits in application, though each has its own benefits. The SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope (commonly known as the Cyclops) is a 1x Prism with an etched ACSS® reticle. This reticle can be set for multiple illumination settings, providing a clear point of aim—even to those with strong astigmatisms. For those who prefer a micro red dot sight, the SLx Advanced Push Button Microdot maintains a minimal footprint on a service rifle, though its durability and feature-set make it a strong competitor in the field. With 50,000 hours of average battery life and 12 illumination settings, this dot can be configurated to any conditions, including low light with NV compatibility.Regarding the SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope, the Pasadena PD Firearms Training Staff reports, “The ACSS reticle frames up the target well, which also aids in the fast acquisition of the target.  The etched reticle allows use of the sight in the event that the battery goes out. This sight is a great value for the price.” Continuing, the staff further describes the SLx Advanced Push Button Microdot: “The 2MOA dot on this sight is very clear and easy to pick up. This not only allows for fast shots at close range, but also does not cover up too much of the target at extended ranges. 

The top mounted push button adjustments for brightness are very easy to use. This is in addition to the extended battery life, which makes this sight a great value.”  

Pasadena’s approval letter comes after the NTOA released its own evaluation of several Primary Arms Optics Products. Through rigorous real-world testing and evaluation, the NTOA awarded Primary Arms Optics 2 gold ratings as well as 4 silver ratings, signifying exceptional performance beyond a simple ‘pass’. With many departments now recognizing the importance of duty optics, Primary Arms will continue to expand its offerings to law enforcement, ensuring they receive best pricing and ample support through any major procurement.

About Primary Arms Optics
Started in 2007, Primary Arms Optics seek to provide the best optics you can get for any budget. Utilizing the highly regarded, repeatedly-proven ACSS® reticle, Primary Arms optics boast unparalleled precision and adaptability for superior performance across ranges. With four product series available (Classic, SLx, GLx, and PLx), anyone can afford to equip themselves with the latest in optics technology. In addition, every product is backed with Primary Arms’ total commitment to customer satisfaction.

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