Platinum Series PLx5 6-30×56 First Focal Plane Scope with ACSS Apollo 6.5CR/.224V Reticle

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MPN: 610071
The Platinum 6-30×56 is part of our top end line. Featuring the ACSS Apollo reticle in first focal plane, zero stop turrets, 34mm tube, and a lifetime warranty.


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The Platinum Series PLx5 6-30×56 FFP rifle scope is our premium-grade precision rifle optic, optimized for medium-range to extreme-long-range use on large caliber rifles. With top-of-the-line Japanese glass, high quality materials, and precision engineering, the Platinum series is constructed with uncompromising craftsmanship, durability, and optical clarity. We offer the PLx5 6-30×56 model in five reticle options, each tuned for specific long-range shooting strategies. The PLx5 6-30×56 FFP rifle scope is going to be your new go-to optic to get the job done fast at 1,000 yards and beyond.


We currently do not have a digital manual for this product. We have one coming soon!