SLx PA4-14SS Sun Shade

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(Only Fits the 4-14X FFP Models)


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The Primary Arms PA4-14SS sun shade is a useful addition to your 4-14×44 FFP scope. The sun shade can prevent glare when shooting in bright sunlight at certain angles, and can keep water away from the objective lens in the rain. The sun shade easily screws into the objective bell of the scope with no tools needed. This tough sun shade features a 3-year warranty.


Compatible scope models:

  • PA4-14XFFP
  • PA4-14XFFP308
  • PA4-14X44FFP-R-GRID-2B
  • PA4-14X44FFP-ARC-2-MOA
  • PA4-14XFFP-ACSS-HUD-DMR-5.56

This sun shade only fits to the following Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP Scopes. It will NOT work on the Primary Arms 4-16x scopes, other models of Primary Arms scopes, nor on any other manufacturer’s scopes.


We currently do not have a digital manual for this product. We have one coming soon!